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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear on my cruise?

Clothing: In the summer months, New England can be beautiful during the day with a slight chill in the evening. A light jacket of some kind is always a good idea.
Footwear: You will be on a moving vessel so a few things are important: Comfortable shoes are a great idea to and from the vessel however before you board the vessel, your shoes will be placed below deck untill we are back at the dock.

Will my cruise be cancelled if the weather is bad?

That is left to the captain’s discretion. If he has any doubt as to the welfare of the crew or passengers or the safety of the vessel the cruise may be altered or rescheduled.

How soon do we have to arrive prior to departure time?

We would like you there about 30 minuets ahead of departure time. During this time you are given a tour of the facilities and a general overview of the vessel and her safety features.

When do we leave and what is the approximate return time?

Departure time from the dock will be set with you and your crew. These are sailing vessels so return times are only approximate. We will try to accommodate you as best we can insofar as getting you back at a specific time. However, we suggest you keep the evening free from other obligations. It’s been our experience that once out on the water, most people don’t want to return.

What do I need to bring?

We provide ice cold drinks and snacks. Be fully prepared to guard against sunburn! It is usually best to apply SPF 30 before leaving your home and again durning the day. The sun can be very sneaky and with the winds cooling effect you will not know you are getting burned till it is much to late. Sunglasses (polarized will give you the optimal experience), are also a must, even in the shade. We also recommend hats and cover-ups.

What exactly is a lunch or dinner charter?

If you have reservations on a lunch or dinner charter, the menu will be discussed with you beforehand to insure that the meals served will agree with all of the guests. We realize you came out to sail, not to sit still so meals are usually served underway and kept to a small plate size.

Is smoking allowed aboard?


Can I bring a camera?

Of course you can. Any good time should have pictures to remember it by. We do ask that you share your photos with us so we can use them on the web site to share with others. We have seen some great photos and would love to see more.

Can I still go sailing if I am prone to seasickness?

You sure can. What we suggest you do is take some kind of medication for sea sickness the night before your sail and another dose the morning of. This should ensure the medication has had time to do its work. If you're in doubt as to what you should take, please ask your doctor.

How long is a half day charter?

It will usually be about 4 hours, but we have found that to run over quite often. Because of this, we ask that you have no plans for later that day just in case.

Disclaimer: Customers, acknowledge by their acceptance and signature, that we shall not be held liable for injury, damage, loss, accident, delay, irregularity or liability to person or property. We accept no responsibility for any illness.